DCAA Products & Training

Still learning the ropes to government cost accounting, and looking for a means to expand your understanding of the DCAA requirements and regulations? DSS offers several products and training programs to assist in the education of your internal team's DCAA knowledge; ensuring your team fully understands how to maintain your accounting system for auditing integrity. Here at DCAA Systems Solutions, we not only have the knowledge, but the experience to cater to any of your needs for DCAA references and training.

Our accountants have been providing DCAA accounting assistance for over 17 years, and are fluent in nearly every facet of the process. Whether you seek QuickBooks or Peachtree training, references for compliancy and cost accounting, or even DCAA training or consulting; DSS has a product or training course to address that very need.

Accounting Manual For Government Contractors DCAA Cost Accounting Systems Guide Project Cost Estimator Workbook DCAA Accounting Training Incurred Cost Proposal Submissions

Benefits of our products and training services include:

  • Improved productivity
  • Improved confidence of financial staff
  • Improved understanding in developing an acceptable accounting system
  • Improved maintenance of QuickBooks or Peachtree for DCAA compliance
  • Improved knowledge of how to minimize and reduce potential penalties

Failure to keep your books properly managed and documented could result in the termination of your government contract, so why not enhance your team's DCAA accounting knowledge?

Would you like more information on our DCAA products and training solutions? Contact DCAA Systems Solutions today at 410-590-5000.